A Fragment of Moonswood

A Fragment of Moonswood – the first volume of The Assalay Trilogy – will soon be available to buy as a print-on-demand paperback and as an ebook!  All being well, I’m hoping to launch it on 1 June this year.

There is still work to do to get it fully ready: I have to get an ISBN; I want to work on a map of Assalay to go at the front of the book (fantasy needs maps, in my view), and of course I could go on proofreading and tinkering with words for ever. But it is mostly done. I think….

It has been a very interesting journey: in some ways frustrating, having to tackle things that would usually be dealt with by a publisher (especially the administrative details, and the finer technical points of laying out text… I have done a lot of growling at Word, and aspects of headers and footers are still defeating me!).  On the other hand, I have loved the feeling of making a whole book, and the control and freedom that it has given me.

And I adore this cover image….

Moonswood cover cback cover vol1








It looks good in black and white as well:

nouldwood dense b& w

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