Interesting Times UK Bookshop Tour

From C16th England, to First World War France, to a dystopian near-future UK, the INTERESTING TIMES tour spans countries and centuries. Black Snow Falling by Liz MacWhirter, The Goose Road by Rowena House and my own Night of the Party are diverse and different novels. At first glance about the only thing they have in common is that they’re all UK debuts published this year!

But when we came together with the idea of doing a bookshop tour, and started to discuss our books in more depth we found a common thread running through all of them.

These are all stories where big histories have an impact on individual lives: where cultural, social and political forces create constraints and challenges for the people caught up in them. In these three different worlds, our teen protagonists have to struggle to survive, to carve out a space for action, to pursue their various visions of a good future – dilemmas which, surely, resonate for us all in our own interesting times of 2018.

We were delighted to start the tour this weekend, with events at Waterstones, Argyle Street, Glasgow, and Blackwell’s, Edinburgh. Our huge thanks go to the shops for hosting us, and to Elizabeth Frattaroli and Sarah Broadley of SCBWI for chairing our discussions and for their penetrating and challenging questions!

We’re looking forward to being on the road again in 2019!



SCBWI London Book Group

I’m so pleased to have been invited to discuss Night of the Party at the SCBWI London Book Group. SCBWI’s been such a great source of support and comradeship while I’ve been writing, so this invitation really means a lot to me.

My brilliant editor at Scholastic, Linas Alsenas, will be there too, and we’ll be talking about Plot, Pace and Tension: how to keep your readers chewing those nails and turning those pages…

Madge Eekal Reviews

Huge thanks to Madge Eekal Reviews for this lovely review of Night of the Party.

If you’re a children’s books fan, you’ll want to check out the rest of their site too: it’s fairly new, but already has a good range of interesting and thoughtfully written reviews of books for children of all ages.

Night of the Party: London scenes

London in Night of the Party is a bit of a mash up of what’s real and what’s imagined; so when Zara stares downriver from the footbridge over the Thames she’s seeing more half finished sky-scrapers than actually exist here and now. But Hampstead Heath in the book and in life are pretty much exactly the same. Here are some pictures of where Ash and Zara run together: the woods, the cafe, the bandstand and the mound of dark trees where he first tells her about Sophie.



Night of the Party blog tour: day three

Thanks to Page to Stage reviews for hosting today’s stop on the blog tour. Zarina interviewed me about writing in general with some specific questions about how Night of the Party came into existence. There’s also a chance to win one of 5 signed copies of the book!