The Singing War

What if they’ve lied to us about everything?’

The new year brings rain, hunger and starving dragons to Assalay, and only the rich and powerful families of the ruling Fellowship are untouched by hardship. But even for children of the Fellowship, growing up has its problems.

Now that he is of age, Leo Philemot must leave home for his year-long apprenticeship, while his twin sister Rachel must stay at home and endure the stifling life of ladies’ drawing rooms and tea-parties. For both, their first year apart brings a series of unexpected friendships and discoveries, opening their eyes to the realities of other people’s lives, and forcing them to question everything they have been told about family and Fellowship.

As flood, fire and famine worsen, Assalay is ready for rebellion, and opposition to the Fellowship is growing. In the gathering crisis, Leo and Rachel must make life or death choices between old and new loyalties; between what they have been taught and what they have learned.

The Singing War is available in ebook and paperback formats from and or order from your local bookshop.

Click on the dragons to read a sample chapter

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