The endless rain has brought flood and famine to Assalay. Starving rats roam the streets of Freehaven, and huge flocks of hungry dragons are awake and on the move. And rebellion is stirring: the song that condemns the Lords of the Fellowship as traitors and murderers, and proclaims Gaia as rightful ruler of Assalay is known throughout the land, even in the closely-watched and tightly-controlled capital city.

The Lords’ power has been shaken, but not broken, and they have a plan to restore it: the dramatic execution of a convicted traitor in the main Square of Freehaven. But the boy, Vester, who is sent to die is not a traitor. He is an innocent substitute – and one with a secret that powerful men in the Fellowship would like to keep hidden.

As the Fellowship’s plans unravel on a day of chaos and terror, the rebellion takes a new and unexpected turn. And Vester’s secret inspires Gaia with hope that the land can be healed and sends her, Leo, Tal and Rachel on a dark journey through the mountains to a final, fateful encounter that will change Assalay for ever.

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