Night of the Party

Night of the Party cover image

A furious dystopian shoulder-shake… Mathias’s debut is a hundred decibel alarm call… The Guardian

A thrilling story with a terrifying real-world resonance… The Irish Times

Winner of the Bristol Teen Book Award.

A White Ravens Recommended Read.

Shortlisted for the Great Reads Award and the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award

In a near-future England, the governing Party has introduced ultra right wing, nationalist policies, including the British Born (BB) rule, by which only those born in Britain have the right to live here. Anyone else is an ‘illegal’, subject to immediate arrest and deportation.

Ash is BB, safe, and privileged, but still mourning his sister Sophie who died in a drug-related accident at a party.  Sophie’s friend Zara is the only person who knows the truth about Sophie’s death. But Zara’s not BB.

When she and Ash meet and fall in love, Zara is faced with an impossible decision: to reveal the truth and risk the future she had hoped for, or to keep the secret that Ash desperately needs to know.


Interview with Roxie Munro at the SCBWI British Isles conference in Winchester Nov 2019