Song writing season… some reflections

This is my song writing time of year. I’m writer in residence for the Da Capo Music Foundation and we’re in the run-up to the annual summer school which always features a new suite of songs – music by composer in residence John Ashton Thomas, words by me. I’ve just finished this year’s lyrics, and I’ve been reflecting on what this exercise involves, and what it teaches me about writing more generally.

It’s an unusual task in many ways. Where most songs are pre-existing text set to music, here the music comes first Continue reading

Da Capo summer school songs

They are all finished!  I have had a fascinating time researching as many weird and obscure chocolate themes as possible… so we have a song about strange chocolate flavours (though in the end I didn’t include the asparagus or pink fish marshmallow: I swear that I have not made these up).

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