Hello, and welcome to my website! I write books for children and young adults and lyrics for children’s songs.


Night of the Party cover image

NIGHT OF THE PARTY, published by Scholastic UK, is a YA political thriller and love story, set in a dystopian, near-future or parallel present England  that’s governed by a hard right, ultra nationalist party.  You can find further information about it here, including reviews and a sample chapter.

ASSALAY, my fantasy trilogy, was published in German by Erika Klopp Verlag and self published in English edition. All three volumes are available in paperback and ebook, and you can find more information about them, as well as links to sample chapters, here.


I write song lyrics for the Da Capo Music Foundation – you can find more information about the foundation, its work, and some of the pieces I have written for them, here.


I live in London, and love it for its diversity and vibrant life, for its many fascinating hidden corners, for its beauty, and its occasional comic moments –

I enjoy finding different places to write around the city… Here are a few favourites: The Wren, Drink, Shop and Do, The Tabernacle, Foyles and Friends’ House.

And here is my desk at home…